20859135_sOur billing service is simple and designed to make the process easy and efficient for you. While there are many different ways we can build the process to suit your specific needs there are 4 general parts of the process that don’t change.

01 – Input (front half)

On your cutoff date you gather all of your billing materials for the month and send them to us. We input the data into our billing system and generate prebills for you to review.

02 – Review

We send you a PDF of your prebills (draft bills) for review. You mark up the drafts, give us your additions, changes and comments for incorporation into the final bills.

03 – Completion (back half)

When we receive your changes we make your edits, print final bills and mail them to your clients (in your envelopes) or send them to you for emailing to your clients as PDF statements.

04 – Reporting

After the bills are finalized (aged), we send you a complete set of bills for your records and a set of reports detailing law firm productivity, billing, A/R and retainer activity for the month. These reports are customizable so if you need something specific just ask.


Our policy is to turn work around in 3 business days or less from the day we receive your materials.  Our goal is to get your clients a bill every 30 days so they can plan and budget for it like any other monthly obligation or expense.

Other Billing Services

We also the following services in addition to our primary billing service:

  • Online data entry for state court agencies
  • CJA spreadsheets for Federal Court cases
  • Split billing (including uneven splits and 2+ party splits)
  • Consolidated billing for clients with multiple matters
  • Electronic billing (LEDES) and bill submission
  • Historical statements for fee affidavits
  • Third Party Collections