29996516_sBillinglogic was founded in 1983 by Dan Vredenburg a former Court Administrator and adjunct professor at the University of Denver. He taught a course on law office administration and realized that small and medium sized law firms didn’t have and most of the time couldn’t afford a full time office administrator.Michele Levitt joined the business in February 1984 and together they grew the business from Dan’s basement eventually moving to Golden late that same year. We’ve been in Golden ever since and currently have offices at 1600 Jackson St.Dan retired from the business in 2013 and Michele assumed full ownership of the company and continues to run it today. We currently have a staff of 7 employees working for over 100 different law firms.

Other Notable Company Events

May 1991 – Launched DGI Products and Services, Inc. a sister company featuring a line of time keeping pads, cost pads and intake forms for law firms that are still produced and sold today (by Billinglogic).

April 2003 – Greg Levitt joined the company to oversee marketing and technology efforts, eventually becoming a partner in the business.

July 2004 – Name changed from Law Office Services, Inc. to Billinglogic, Inc.

September 2007 – Moved to current location at 1600 Jackson St. in the heart of Golden, CO.

May 2012 – Sarah Lane celebrated 25 years with the company.

October 2014 – Kevin Rickey celebrated 15 years with the company.

February 2015 – Joshua Levitt celebrated 10 years with the company.