We are pros at what we do. Our only focus is getting your billing out the door and we know that if it takes you a week, it probably takes us a day or less to get the same amount of work done.


When you outsource your billing or bookkeeping you know that we are here for you and you never have to worry about us taking vacation, getting sick, quitting unexpectedly, etc. You give us the work, we get it done, period.

Increased Billing

Once we take the billing and books off your plate (or from that over worked paralegal), it’s amazing how many more billable hours you will find in a month for you and your staff. We cut your involvement in the process down to just a few hours a month and allow you to get back to your single income generating activity: billing clients.

Expert Service

We see it all the time, the person who ends up in charge of the billing is the least qualified and lowest paid employee in the office. Is that really the person you want in charge of the most complicated piece of software or system in your office? This also tends to be the person who will jump to the next, better opportunity as soon as it comes along leaving your billing at a standstill. Our only focus is billing and we have the experience and expertise to put to work for you.

Peace of Mind

Once we are hired, you can relax knowing that your bills will get out on time every month; no more late nights or weekends in the office working on billing. No more sleepless nights worrying about whether or not your retainer account is balanced or if you used the right tax form when you filed. Put our expertise, track record and experience to work for you and rest easy.


How often do you find yourself putting off the billing because other, more important things keep coming up?  Before you know it, you haven’t sent bills out for 6 weeks or even 2 months. When hired, our only focus is getting your billing out every 30 days. We don’t have any other distractions or tasks to keep us from getting the work done.